How to root Motorola Atrix got from Expansys (4.4.35.MB860.Retail.en.GB)

How to root Motorola Atrix got from Expansys (4.4.35.MB860.Retail.en.GB)

After two days of research, I managed to root my Motorola Atrix bought from Expansys.
This device has Android 2.2.2, System version 4.4.35.MB860.Retail.en.GB, a locked bootloader and it resisted various attempts to gain root access.
By carefully reading every XDA forum post about the device – it took me quite a day – I was able to finally find a user with my same software installed, that was able to root the phone.
The method to be followed is the same one for the DROID 3. Therefore, follow the same instructions at the previously given link for rooting your device. If you are a Windows user, you will be fine, since the script uses Windows commands and files.

If you are a GNU/Linux user, what you need to do is:

  1. Have ADB installed and added to your $PATH
  2. Open the file Click to root your DROID 3.bat with a text editor
  3. Paste the adb instructions of the file Click to root your DROID 3.bat in your terminal emulator

Just a note. For commands like:

Substitute each ^> with a \>

Therefore, they will look like:

What follows is directly taken from my bash history and should be the correct sequences of commands to be given inside the directory containing the DROID 3 files. It will probably work but don’t trust it completely:

update: I verified the steps, they correctly work.

Enjoy your European Atrix with root access :)

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